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About Dr To U


This service has been set up using Mackay doctors, receptionists and nurses aiming to provide exceptional services in the most appropriate manner possible. The service was established by Dr John McIntosh, a Mackay doctor for over 20 years. He was responsible for setting up and operating the Mater Private After Hours Service (MPAHS) and has provided an excellent service to the community continuously during this time!


This mobile house call service employs local and experienced reception staff and nurses to assess the severity of your condition and advise what is the best path to take – home visit, ambulance to Mater or Mackay Base Hospital or wait and see you GP the next day.


The service only uses doctors that are fully registered as independent family practitioners with AHPRA and works extremely hard at training and up-skilling doctors in the service.  This ensures that the quality and service levels to you remain at the highest level possible, consistent with our goal of providing "Excellence Everyday".


This house call service was also established because of the need for easier access to house calls for the frail elderly and palliative care patients. It is also extremely useful for sick children where early assessment is desirable.

List of the wonderful Staff providing the fantastic service!


Dr Samson Olokalu

Telephone and Results Policy

Patients can phone for appointments during the hours of operation. The Dr To U service is a high demand after hours service, so if we are unable to take your call and it is an emergency please dial 000 or seek alternative care.


Results from tests ordered in our service will be reviewed by the service doctor in their usual practice but the results are also copied to your usual GP who will normally be expected to manage any abnormal results and continue your regular care.  If the after hours doctor comes across any abnormal results, they may telephone you to ensure that treatment has been performed by your usual GP or advise you on what action you need to take. 


The service may also call you to check if your illness is settling, if you have any health concerns and sometimes for quality purposes. We aim to maintain the best service possible so your honest feedback will be appreciated.

Privacy Policy and Health Information Management

All consultations and records are treated with the utmost confidentiality. No personal information will be released without specific approval from the patient and ALL staff are bound by this principle. All records are kept securely in the premises of the service and consultation details are released to the patient's usual GP and other professionals that are going to be continuing the patient's care.


If you do not wish for your information to be shared with your stated usual GP or other professionals involved in your care, please inform the service at the time of consultation.


Release of Medical Records for you:

If you wish to obtain copies of your medical records or the records transferred to another practice or service, please contact us (on the "Contact Us" page) or call us and we can get the process for release of information underway.


Feedback and Complaints

Please make any feedback, suggestions and complaints to our service on the "Contact Us" page, by email to drtoureception@gmail.com or in writing to : The Manager, Dr To U Service, 160 Boundary Road, Ooralea, Qld 4740.


If this does not obtain a satisfactory result, contact :

Office of Health Ombudsman, Tel 133646 or email - oho@health.qld.gov.au

Call us today on 1-300-438-377


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