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For Urgent Medical Assistance

If you are seriously ill, injured, have chest pain or severe shortness of breath please call 000 for an ambulance. Alternatively, attend the Mackay Mater or Mackay Base Hospital Emergency Departments:

Mater Hospital: 76 Willetts Road, Mackay Queensland 4740 PH 07 4965 5666

Mackay Base Hospital: 475 Bridge Road, Mackay Queensland 4740 PH 07 4885 6000

After Hours GP Services in Mackay

If you would like to talk to a GP after standard business hours for a matter that cannot wait until the following business day, call our Dr To U service on 1300 438 377. This service is available Monday to Friday after 6pm, and on weekends & public holidays after 2pm. All of our after-hours Doctors are fully registered as independent family practitioners with AHPRA.


Our Doctor will talk to you over the phone to assess the severity of your condition and then advise what is the best path to take. They may want to visit you in your own home, conduct a telehealth consult or ask that you see your usual GP the next day. If necessary, the Doctor may advise you to attend your local hospital, and can arrange admission to the Mater or the Mackay Base Hospital for you.

Please do not use this service for Non-Urgent Care

Please arrange an appointment with your usual doctor during normal business hours for non-urgent medical matters including:

  • Head Cold

  • Doctors Note

  • Repeat Scripts

  • Request for pain relief

  • Discussions around prevention and wellness

  • Discussion around sex and birth control

  • Discussions around food and nutrition

Suitable appointments & Fees

This after-hours service is provided to help you with urgent care concerns when your usual GP is not available. This includes conditions such as:


  • Elderly Ailments

  • Acute Respiratory Infections (like influenza, whooping cough, croup, pneumonia, high fever)

  • Asthma (flare up)

  • Skin Rashes, such as hives, school sores, staph infections

  • Urinary tract infections, including blood in urine, pain above the pubic bone

  • Gastro – vomiting, diarrhoea

  • Eye Complaints (such as foreign object in the eye, conjunctivitis)

  • Sprains, strains, neck, back, & hip pain

  • Migraines or sudden onset of severe headache

  • Ear-ache

  • Fever

House call services can be provided for elderly and palliative care patients, or for sick children where early assessment is desirable. Telehealth may be a suitable option for patients needing a script or to acquire a medical certificate.  Some medications can be supplied to you if required. All information about your after-hours appointment will be sent to your usual Doctor the following working day.


Fees for this service are typically bulk billed for all Medicare Card holders however our GP will discuss any associated fees with you over the phone before a consult is provided. If you do not have a Medicare Card, a house visit consult in your home will be $170.

Results & Follow Up

Results from any tests ordered in our after-hours service will be reviewed by our Doctor in their usual practice, and copies will also be forwarded to your usual GP so that they can continue your regular care.  If our after-hours doctor comes across any abnormal results, they may telephone you to ensure that treatment has been performed by your usual GP or advise you on what action you need to take.  Our after-hours GP or medical team may also call you to check if your illness is settling or to ask if you have any health concerns following your appointment.

Privacy Policy and Health Information Management

All consultations and records are treated with the utmost confidentiality. No personal information will be released without specific approval from the patient and ALL staff are bound by this principle. All records are kept securely in the premises of the service and consultation details are released to the patient's usual GP and other professionals that are going to be continuing the patient's care.


If you do not wish for your information to be shared with your stated usual GP or other professionals involved in your care, please inform the GP at the time of consultation. If you wish to obtain copies of your medical records or the records transferred to another practice or service, please call us on 07 4952 4929 and we can get the process for release of information underway.

Feedback and Complaints

If you wish to make a complaint or have feedback, you can send an email to our Ooralea clinic by submitting the form on our website here, or send a letter to: The Manager, Dr To U Service, 160 Boundary Road, Ooralea, Qld 4740.  You can also contact the Office of Health Ombudsman by calling 133 646